Panasonic Mini Split Heat Pumps


Stay warm in the winter and keep cool in the summer. The perfect combination in comfort.

Panasonic's Ductless Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump products offer a variety of options to cater to your in-home heating and cooling needs. Environmentally friendly refrigerant and inverter technology combine to provide superior performance - with the added benefit of very low energy consumption. Panasonic ductless systems allow you to relax and enjoy in quiet comfort.

Rather than you just buying 1 KW of electricity ad turing it into heat in your baseboard, a ductless split uses that same 1 KW of electricity to move heat from outside to inside the building. The actual performance varies with the outside temperature but the most conditions you will get more than 2 KW worth of electrical heat for that 1 KW you bought - now that is a great deal, saving you lots of on your energy bill!

  • - A quieter and more efficient way to heat and cool your home
  • - Helps you save on your heating bill in the fall and the spring
  • - Receive air conditioning for the warmer months as well as dehumidification
  • - They do not require ductwork so they are easily retrofitted into homes with hot water heating (oil or propane)
  • - You do not remove your existing heating system, you simply add ductless splits to those rooms you use the most. They come in a variety of sizes for optimal performance in any space
  • - Ductless splits can be easily installed in renovations or in places where it is difficult to add to traditional heating system.


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